Ashkelon, the City of Gardens, is located along Israel’s southern coast and is considered the capital of the Ashkelon District. It has recreation and tourism centres and is in a constant development boom. The city has a population of 128,000 and its jurisdiction extends over 55,00 dunams, not far short of the size of Tel Aviv, making it one of Israel’s largest population centre. Ashkelon has a national park adjacent to the coast , spacious parks, modern construction, breathtaking beaches and a high quality of life. All this, combined with and advanced education system from pre-compulsory kindergarten age to academic education, a medical centre, recreation and leisure sports for children, youth and adults, create a city that offer extraordinary advantages to its residents.

The city’s location between the sea and the outskirts of the desert give the residents a comfortable, temperate climate throughout the year.

Ashkelon is one of the oldest cities in the world and is replete with history. At its centre there are ancient sites, among the rarest in the world, alongside green agricultural area extending into the horizon. In the last decade alone, Ashkelon has absorbed over 40,000 new residents including immigrants and young families who have been drawn by the charm of its quality of life. Thousands of housing units were built in spacious residential neighbourhoods, new pre-schools,and schools were opened and the industrial parks continue to expand.

Ashkelon surely must be one of Israel’s best kept secrets and the ideal place to fulfil the dream of living in Israel. Sun, sea, beautiful beaches, clean, shopping facilities, schools, industry, excellent road and rail services and so much more….