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A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying Property in Ashkelon

Investing in a new home or piece of land is a detailed process that takes a fair amount of time ...
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Should You Build a House in Ashkelon?

It’s no secret that investing in real estate can be one of the most profitable decisions you can make. There ...
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Buying a House in Israel_MrAshkelon

What to Be Aware of When Buying a Property in Ashkelon

Israel’s property sector is continuously evolving and many investors are seeing the potential of purchasing in up and coming areas ...
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Basics of Buying a Property in Israel_MrAshkelon

The Basics of Buying a Property in Ashkelon

Purchasing a property in the beautiful town of Ashkelon is a sound investment. There are however a number of rules ...
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5 Ways to Explore the Beauty of Ashkelon

Ashkelon, a city that has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, is not only sought after by property ...
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Types of Properties Available in Ashkelon

Types of Property Available in Ashkelon

Ashkelon, a beautiful town situated on the Mediterranean shoreline. With amazing beaches spanning 12 kilometers, it’s not hard to see ...
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Property Prices in Ashkelon_MrAshkelon

How Ashkelon Property Prices Compare to the Rest of Israel

Ashkelon, the seaside city with breath-taking views and a desirable way of life, it’s no wonder investors and locals alike ...
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Hstory of Ashkelon_MrAshkelon

A Brief History of Ashkelon

Starting out as just a seaport, Ashkelon dates back all the way to the Neolithic age. This was known because ...
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The Top 5 Things to Look for in an Investment Property

So you’ve decided that you want to invest in a property that you can use as a holiday home or ...
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Property Fees and Costs Ashkelon_MrAshkelon

Costs to Keep in Mind When Buying Property in Ashkelon

Buying any new property, regardless of the size or where it’s located, means going through quite a detailed process before ...
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